Social oEmbed or OpenGraph easy to integrate.

Just paste a link to a website or social post to get a beautiful embed render with metadata. Self-host support, you don't have to pay for a third-party service. If you want to add some features, project is open-source, you can participate to developement.

“Three API for Companies with requests standby,

Seven for Third services with their paywalls of stone,

Nine for Social networks with limits to die,

One for Developers on their zone

In the Land of GitHub where the OpenSource dignify.

One API to rule them all, One API to find them,

One API to bring them all, and in the Node.js bind them,

In the Land of GitHub where the OpenSource dignify.”

Judith Black

One API. Multiple platforms.

Social networks offer embedded code to integrate post, with limitations and different rules. Social oEmbed offer an alternative to get oEmbed interactive render with metadata or OpenGraph.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • Is the demo API accessible from any application?

      No, the goal of Social oEmbed is to offer a self-hosted and open-source solution. It is possible to access the demo API from your applications in development (if your host matches TODO) and from your browser. But an application whose host is not accepted will be rejected by CORS.

    • Is there a paid option to access the API without self-host?

      Not for the moment but it could come. But the main interest of Social oEmbed is to be in self-host, you can use options like Netlify or Vercel to host the TODO application. If you want to pay for a service, you should use a service like Iframely.

    • Iframely offer a better service, why should I use Social oEmbed?

      Social oEmbed is heavily inspired by Iframely, but it is not a fork. The main difference is that Social oEmbed is open-source and self-hosted first (Iframely offer a limited version with self-host). If you want a powerful and business service, you should use Iframely, but if you want to host your own service, you should use Social oEmbed.

    • A social network is not supported or poorly supported, how to improve this?

      You can add an issue on GitHub TODO to request the improvement of the provider related to this social network or propose a pull request to participate in the development.

    • What is the technical stack of Social oEmbed?

      Social oEmbed is a Node.js application using Fastify and Cheerio, it's deployed on NGINX with PM2. All features uses TypeScript, esbuild and React for render. You could use some features with `.env`, CORS or API key. The project is available on GitHub.


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